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The recipe presented in this article is extremely effective in reducing cholesterol levels and burning fat in no time.  Amazingly, even doctors advise their patients with high cholesterol levels to consume it, which tells a lot about its effectiveness.  All of the ingredients used in this drink are extremely healthy and beneficial in fighting off various diseases.  By combining these ingredients you get an amazing tool for lowering cholesterol and burning fat!IT IS RECOMMENDED EVEN FROM THE DOCTORS DRINK IS STRONGER THAN CURE – IT DESTROYS CHOLESTEROL AND BURNS FAT


3 lemons
Baking soda
2 bunches of parsley
2 l of filtered water

First, clean the lemon with baking soda in order to eliminate all impurities
Boil the water and allow it to cool
Cut the lemons and chop the parsley before adding them into the water
Cover the bowl and keep it refrigerated
In the morning, stir the drink well and transfer it into a bottle or jar


You should drink 100 grams of the drink on a daily basis

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