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Your family history can be the major contributing factor in the hair loss. Factors like stress, high level of DHT hormone, exposure to high heat, can trigger or fasten the hair loss process

Some foods can trigger these processes thus the hair loss.

1. Fried Foods

Let Start with the food which is very difficult to avoid fried foods.

Fried foods or foods rich in hydrogenated oil may trigger the hair loss, as they enhances the production of testosterones hormone, which in turn enhances production of DHT, which is associated with male baldness.

2. Simple carbohydrates

Foods rich in refined carbohydrate, such as white breads, cakes, cookies can contribute to hair loss. Such foods are rich in carbohydrates and low in fiber, can cause sharp increase in blood sugar levels which can trigger stress. And stress is one of major contributing factor in hair loss. Consuming foods having complex carbohydrates and high fiber such as whole meal flour, beans, will aid digestion and improve the body’s ability to deliver nutrients to the blood stream and effectively, the hair follicles.

3. Selenium rich foods

Selenium is micro nutrient that our body needs in small amount about 55 grams a day, but consuming higher amount can lead to a condition, called selenosis and is linked to hair loss. Bazil nuts , oyster, tuna are rich in selenium.

4. Food Additives

Food additives like aspartame, an artificial sweeteners, carmine dye, a color additive, sulphites can also trigger the hair loss.

So beside many other factors, your diet can also contribute in hair loss. So avoid eating the described food if you are loosing hairs.

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Written by littlething